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01 Controlled Flexibility
Unit Tutor: Manja van de Worp + Omid Kamvari
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Generating a flexible mould/form work based on exploration of ‘families’. This is an exploration of geometrical change, that alternates the mould for a ‘component’ or forms the adaptive ‘mould’, for a series of ‘large’ scale spaces. Interacting degrees of freedom, will control the overall stability and adaptability of the system. Explored will be what are the generated geometrical families based on, what are their treats and how can they become more intelligent when combining simple alterations? As flexibility describes particular geometrical relations, the drivers for alteration are questioned and explored.

Techniques of creating adaptive geometries are; folding, buckling, layering, etc. Adaptive moulds and thereby specific design of components, can de driven by structure, construction, materials, pattern, environmental properties, etc. The simplexity of manufacturing comes from ranging the ‘simple’ degrees of freedom to a minimum but by combining them generating complexity in shape and thereby performance.