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02 Component Culture
Unit Tutor: Wolfgang Frese + Omid Kamvari
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The notion of Components in the design and production of buildings, everyday products and graphic design is as old as mankind itself. Despite our shrinking and accelerating digital world a component in any discipline is often still a result of a particular culture and born out of material constraints, social, religious and environmental conditions (for example a brick as such does not predict the style of a building structure yet a genuine / true brick structure will also reflect its cultural and climatic context.) CAD/CAM technology has made the design and manufacture of non orthogonal geometries more tempting and real then ever before.

The increasing ability to tailor computer software and to create digital designs of great complexity via parametric modelling is increasingly directing architectural thinking towards digital fabrication. In reality this often collides with the more pragmatic nature of manufacturing and building industry in both industrial and non industrial societies.

The course intends to bridge this gap between design conception and realisation with a more analogue design approach by creating complexity through implementation of simple and
defined rules.