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In recent years Iran has emerged as a cultural and economic hub within the Middle East; with its illustrious history in architecture it offers a fertile ground for research and investigation into a number of topics ranging from manufacturing to urbanism. Tehran, its capital city, has become a major laboratory for contemporary cultural production in terms of architecture and has recently undergone massive changes to its infrastructure and urban boundaries to cater for these changes.

Following on from the success of the 2010 workshop we will be revisiting the initial topic of investigation. We will once again explore and develop principles of algorithmic thinking through prototyping and experiments at 1:1 scale; simplex manufacturing techniques and technologies will form the basic principles of investigation.
These investigations will be developed into site specific strategies which will be able to occupy abandoned construction sites. In this scenario we will need to consider more complex parameters for the derivation of systems capable of performance, and more careful consideration will need to be made in terms of structure and manufacturing.

Taking reference from Le Corbusier’s Maison Domino and the flexibility it offers, we will seek to understand how simplex methods of manufacturing present within historical structures in Iran can begin to influence real construction and design projects.