03 Embroidered
Unit Tutor: Jorge Ayala
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This unit will explore local ornamental motifs and ways in which they can turn into active systems capable of augmenting environmental conditions. These systems can take the form of natural shading devices, shelters, public spaces, which will all be tested within the urban landscape. We will employ embroidery as the technique to elaborate 2D - 3D patterns within a given surface. These meshworks will be built with threads, strips, chains and other industrial materials.

As the starting point for our material research we will use Millenary Persian art implemented in all types of Iranian Architecture, from tiling patterns to monumental facades. Our aim is to explore embroidery as the main spatial generator for a new generation of 3Dimensional manufactured templates. Our works will be proliferated within a real context using a existing building shell which hosts specific conditions which will act a the catalysers for our experimentations. These hosts contain such things as existing structure, building ground figure, natural conditions, historic background, among many others.