05 (in)Consistency
Unit Tutor: Djordje Stojanovic
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This unit will investigate consistent and inconsistent segments of the design.

In the week one, students will be introduced to the consistency of rule based design and algorithmic logic. Suggested working method is based on generally accessible materials and easy-to-do analog design techniques. Well known ‘rubber bands’, used for various practical reasons, will be used as construction components for complex spatial structures.

Later in the week one, students will be lead to explore inconsistency, inherent elasticity of rubber materials known for their capacity to withstand transformation and return to the pre-deformed condition. So called reversible deformation range, or the ability of matter to flex and change according to specific external influence will be documented with the ‘stop motion’ sequence of model photos.

In the week two and the final stage of the workshop research attainments will be incorporated into a site specific design proposal. Previously explored material change will be translated into the time-oriented design intent. Social, cultural and economic parameters will now form the backbone of the design strategy. Abandoned construction sites in Tehran will be the testing ground for the development according to changing programmatic scenarios and varied occupancy set-ups.