The AA Iran Scholarship
The scholarship is offered to Iranian students wishing to study at the AA. It is open to students from all levels, including those interested in all courses from First Year to Postgraduate. The scholarship is intended to fund the student's school fees as well as help them cover living expenses in London.

Scholarship fund
£25,000 (pounds Sterling)
The award will be subtracted from the successful student's fees (dependent on programme) over the duration of their course; any outstanding funds will be available for the student's expenses.

Any Iranian National interested in architecture aged 18 and above, enrolled on the Tehran Visiting School Programme.

Interested parties will initially have to apply for the Tehran Visiting School programm (see above). Once accepted, they will be able to indicate their interest in the scholarship programme by filling out a separate application form (for an extra fee of £50, above the cost of the Visiting School programme). The candidate will then be interviewed in Iran during the period of the Visiting School, by the course director and tutors.

A shortlist of five applicants will be selected. These five applications will then be referred to a panel at the AA for review and one will be chosen to receive the scholarship.